“Learn”: Classes

Students can choose to take classes at Disney, each focused on an area in which Disney is known to excel.  Management, Customer Service, and Creativity are among the class topics taught.  There are three types of classes: Collegiate Courses, Professional Development Studies, and the Exploration Series. 

There is no cost for these classes, however, students are responsible for fees from their school if they choose to receive credit for the classes.  Students must also buy any textbooks that are needed for the classes.

Collegiate Courses
As the name implies, these classes are very similar to those that might be taught at a college or university.   This means that, among other things, they require textbooks and homework. Some of the classes offered are Advanced Studies in Hospitality Management, Corporate Communication, Creativity & Innovation: Gaining the Edge, and Marketing You.

Professional Development Studies
These classes are targeted at students in certain majors, and are only available to students who are declared majors in these fields.  Classes are offered in Engineering, Theatre, Finanace, and Security.

The Exploration Series
These are interactive classes that, according to the official website, “[encourage] each participant to fully experience all aspects of the 47 square miles of the Walt Disney World Resort as a learning laboratory”.  Exploration classes do not have homework or tests.

In addition to these classes, there are other learning opportunities available to CPs throughout the program, including speeches and seminars with Disney executives, CP alumni, and salaried Disney employees.  These sessions are considered “Networking Opportunities”, and are focused at CPs interested in continuing their career with the Disney Company after their program ends.

If a CP chooses to take classes, they will automatically be given one of their class days as a day off, and will not be scheduled to work that day as long as they continue to attend class.  Class registration takes place once you arrive in Orlando.


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