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A Ferris Bueller Day

October 29, 2009

Today was a Wednesday: the day my Exploring Marketing class meets.  I, however, did not go to Exploring Marketing.  When it came time to get ready to go, I thought of Ferris Bueller: “How could I possibly be expected to handle school on a day like this?”  For the Exploration Series classes, you’re automatically dropped after on your second absence.  So I haven’t actually dropped the class yet, and I may not for a couple of weeks.  But I decided today that there is just no point in making myself go to a class that I don’t want to take.  I’m not getting any credit for the class, and even though my instructor is entertaining and energetic, I just didn’t feel like I was going to learn anything that would really help me in life.

So it’s looking like I may never get my Mouseters degree. 😦   But that’s okay!  Plenty of great stuff happened today to distract me from my crushing sense of failure: I went shopping at Downtown Disney, where I experienced the awesome life-changing taste that is the Holiday Dinner Sandwich at Earl of Sandwich.  This unbelievable creation is turkey, stuffing, cranberry sauce, mayonnaise, and gravy, all squeezed between two toasted pieces of bread.  I washed this down with a glass of the Earl’s Grey Lemonade, which is lemonade mixed with Earl Grey tea.  I think this meal may be a new addiction, but luckily the price is reasonable enough that I can satisfy the cravings without busting the bank: the sandwich and drink cost less than $8.

Later, I got the chance to see the newest show at Magic Kingdom, Tiana’s Showboat Jubilee.

Tiana, Naveen, and Louis the Alligator from “The Princess and the Frog” have taken over the Liberty Belle riverboat, and now perform songs from the movie as they and their friends sail down the river.  In between shows, the new royal couple do meet-and-greets behind the Christmas Shop in Liberty Square.  The whole thing premiered on Monday, and Tiana rode in a special procession down Main Street to the castle, where she was greeted by all of the other princesses.  I wasn’t able to go to any of the opening day festivities, but the show was so awesome that I wish I could have seen it all.  They’re really starting to get me excited about this movie.  When I had seen the previews, I was a little unsure of how I felt about Naveen.  He seemed a little too cartoonish, with his outrageous accent, almost more like the funny sidekick than the leading man.  But after seeing the character on the showboat today, I got a little bit better idea of his personality, and he just seems fun.  All I can say is that this movie better live up to my ever-growing expectations or I will be a sad, sad, girl.

After Magic Kingdom, I met up with some friends from work for another trip to Epcot.  We got to see Boyz II Men perform at the Eat to the Beat concert series.  Boyz II Men was a little before my time, so I wasn’t really all that excited about going to see them.  But when they actually started singing, I was surprised at how many of the songs I knew.  And, I have to admit, I really liked it.  We had a blast, and the crowd was just great.  We stayed for Illuminations, and it was fun to actually get to see the fireworks.  Lately, I’ve gotten to hear them so much, but I’m always inside the World Showcase Tent counting the drawers and closing up shop during them.  Seriously, it’s really, really hard to count when giant explosives are going off every few seconds.  It was nice to be on the other side of those tent flaps tonight.

I don’t know if I’m going to go ahead and drop my class, or if I will wait and see if I feel like playing hooky again later.  I really didn’t dislike the class, but I also realized today that I’m probably not going to get any lasting memories or unforgettable experiences out of it, either.  So who knows if I’ll go next week or not.  But I’m definitely glad I decided to go with my gut and just let myself have a fun-filled day the Ferris Bueller way.


A Post Mostly About Knitting (Sorry!)

July 9, 2009

I started a new knitting project last night, and remembered that I never shared pictures of my other projects. I know you’ve all been foaming at the mouth with anticipation (can’t you at least pretend?) so here are a couple, as promised:

This one is, as you can see, a bag to hold my knitting projects. This was my first big project and I’m pretty proud of it. I even sewed in the lining, which is a gorgeous Amy Butler fabric. I love her patterns and luckily I had enough fabric left over to re-upholster a chair cushion. (You can see the chair in the corner of the top picture here.)
This one is, duh, a headband. I did it to use up some extra yarn from my second project (no good pictures of this one yet) and also to practice doing lace work. Even though this may not look like “lace”, the open holes in it technically make it lace. I’m not sure how I feel about the finished piece, but I learned a lot of new techniques and all it cost me was a few bucks for a new set of needles.

My newest adventure is an honest-to-goodness sweater and is definitely the hardest project I’ve tackled yet. It’s going well so far, though, but we’ll see how I feel in a few days.

As a reward for all those who suffered through my knitting pictures, I do have one small piece of CP news: I officially opted out of roommate notification. I’m just going to let the chips fall where they may when I get there. Adventure, thy name is living-with-whoever-you-just-so-happen-to-stand-next-to-in-line. (Hey, Adventure, you might want to consider getting a nickname.)


My Life Lately, in 696 Words or Less

June 8, 2009

Updates on a few of my summer goals:

  • Work Full Time–Check! At least one thing on my list is being done. But, boy, is it being done slowly! Since I work on campus, a large part of my job depends on the demands of students, faculty, and administrators thrown into the full-fledged tizzies that are the fall and spring semesters. But during the summer, things are oh-so-quiet.
    They make working in an office seem so glamorous on TV…

Last summer, working part-time, I felt like things were slow. But they were sort of pleasantly slow. In the “take your time with what little work you have to do and pace yourself so you don’t get too bored” sort of way. But working full-time, there’s just not nearly enough to do here. I’ve gone home early several days the last few weeks. My supervisor encouraged me to stay, because she knew I wanted the hours, but I just feel bad sitting around being paid to do nothing. In the three weeks since school got out, I have dusted every surface of the office, organized my work space, and even ventured into the dreaded “back room” to organize the mess we call our storage space. It’s all stream-lined, cleaned, and de-clutterfied now. Which makes me wonder…what am I going to do for the next 2 months?!


  • Volunteer–It’s not my fault! I applied at the Make-A-Wish foundation, but they said they didn’t need any help right now. So, basically I’m blaming this wonderful charity for my lack of volunteerism. It’s all their fault! Just kidding. I know I really should try to find somewhere else. Someone out there needs help! But I just haven’t yet. I’ll get to it.
  • Learn Spanish–This is going…okay, I guess. To be honest, I haven’t been practicing much, lately. I need to get back on that! But before I got lazy, I was really doing pretty well. I can now give basic directions. However, they translate to something like this: “Left. Go straight and right at next to bank.” As you might have figured out, I haven’t really gotten to grammer yet. Hopefully I’ll get motivated to do that very soon so I can stop sounding like I learned Spanish from a broken See ‘n Say.
  • Get Crafty!–Check! I dove back into crafts with a passion after my DIY binge at the ever-wonderful And the one that really ended up catching my fancy was an old friend–knitting! In the last couple of weeks, I’ve bought knitting needles of all types and sizes, deliciously candy-colored yarns for hats, gloves, and scarves to come, and almost completed a bag. Seriously! The first project of my Craft Revival is almost finished! I started sewing the lining in yesterday, but here’s a picture from a couple of days ago when I was blocking the sides:
    Instead of being completed and sewn at the top, this bag is actually designed to be finished on the needles–making this a very cute bag to carry my future knitting projects in! I’m very, very proud of my baby, so expect to see more pictures in a few days! I’ve already started my next project, even. No pictures of this work-in-progress, but don’t worry…you’ll get to see them (I know you were worried! Oh, come on. Can’t you at least pretend that you’re really excited to see these pictures?)
  • Other than these things, I’ve spent the rest of my time lately being robbed by homeless people, (He was drunk, my car was unlocked, and they arrested him. The only thing he got was some worthless text books. Seriously. I couldn’t even sell them back. Worked out real well for him, didn’t it?), unintentionally providing shelter for baby mice in the air filter of my car (This didn’t work out so well for the mice…or for me! Smelled horrible!), and seeing Shakespeare in the Park (Unlike the other things mentioned here, this was a very pleasant experience.)

    It’s been a little crazy lately, but in a fun, interesting kind of way. And, yes, I just described being robbed by a drunk guy as sort of fun and interesting. Makes for a good story, anyway!


    Getting my DIY On

    May 26, 2009
    Lately, I’ve been feeling very crafty. I used to do lots of crafts, even knitting and crocheting, but it’s been a long time since I’ve had a real project to work on, and I’m really starting to get the itch. Part of my newfound inspiration could be my recent gorge on old Design*Sponge DIY posts. They’re always entertaining, and their ideas are adorable, but at the same time make me want to smack myself in the forehead for not thinking of it myself.
    I’m also thinking of how I can use these ideas in my apartment in Florida. Some of them are definitely ones that I’m going to tackle, and soon.
    First, I’m going to try out the “Paper Coasters/Trivets” project from Design*Sponge.
    I was using one lonely hand-me-down glass coaster rescued when my mom decided to get a new set for herself. Until, that is, it got wrapped up in my computer cord, and crashed to the floor. So now I have no coasters, and I’m thinking that my old N*Sync and Britney Spears CD cases would go to good use if I used them to make these coasters. (After I remove and carefully store the CDs elsewhere, of course. ;))

    And this project from Photojojo is going to have me scavenging for glass jars for months, I fear:

    Super cute, right? And this is one of those projects where I go “why didn’t I think of that?”. I’m seeing a lot more jelly, pickles, and other things that come in jars in my future.

    This has also inspired me to finally finish a few DIY projects that I’ve been planning to do for months now: I’m finally going to make a headboard for my bed, and I’m going to finish that jewelry tree that I’ve already bought a gorgeous vase for.

    Jewelry tree inspiration

    It’s going to happen! I’m gonna get my DIY on! I’ll be sure to post pictures of my awesome completed projects. 🙂


    Por Favor Manténganse Alejado De Las Puertas

    May 12, 2009

    Perdoneme, ¿dónde está el baño?

    Habla mas despacio, por favor.

    Hablo español un poco solomente, pero estoy aprendiendo.

    Don’t worry–your translation function isn’t broken. I’ve decided to try to learn Spanish. Over the summer, I’m going to really try to teach myself the basics. I’ve got a couple of CDs from the library, and I’ve been listening to them on my commute to and from work each day. It’s going pretty well, except that I look like a weirdo to the people next to me at stop lights, sitting in my car mumbling “Me llamo Bethany. Mucho gusto” along with the CD.

    I learned a lot of Spanish from Monty Python…
    which means that, naturally, I know how to warn
    people about the dangers of llamas. Very helpful.

    I took some classes in high school, so I already know a lot of the basics. The problem for me is just coming up with the right phrase at the right time. I can remember the phrases without any hitch…but I really have to think to remember which one means what. And don’t even get me started on feminine/masculine forms!

    The one thing I do have going for me, though, is that I pretty much have the pronunciations down. Spanish pronunciation is a lot easier than English anyway, and that is one thing that stayed with me from high school. I can read the words, and generally have a pretty good idea about how they should be pronounced.

    I don’t expect to be fluent in Spanish in just a few months, but I would at least like to be able to work my way through a basic conversation with a minimum of charades-playing. It’d be nice to be able to take an actual class, but there’s not one offered at any time that I could make. I think this self-teaching method will work out okay for me, though. Really, what else have I got to do this summer?


    Embracing the College-Style Aesthetic

    May 2, 2009

    My mom brought up a good question recently: What am I going to do about bedding while I’m in Florida? Okay, maybe not the most exciting question in the world for most people. But for me, the interior designer, a light bulb came on. I get a whole new apartment to decorate! (Okay, fine. My roommates can have some say…if they feel they must.) I’m generally the type of person who goes for the clean, sophisticated, put-together look, with a minimum of clutter. Like this:Pretty, huh? But I am actually looking forward to decorating my room with whatever momentos, pictures of my friends, raggedy quilts, etc. float my boat. It will be fun! It’s only for 4 months, and I don’t want to spend my time and efforts trying to make my room look pulled together when my roommate will probably be decorating her half with magazine cut-outs of Robert Pattinson. So, as the old adage goes, if you can’t beat ’em, why not join ’em?

    Maybe it’s sad that this gets me so excited. Am I that uptight; that the thought of letting loose is such an event? I say no. I say that I’m just a girl who knows the importance of good taste…and the importance of choosing the right time to ignore said taste.
    So in the spirit of my new vision, here is the first item that has been chosen to grace the walls of my room while at Disney:

    This double sided poster from “New Zealand’s fourth most popular guitar-based digi-bongo acapella-rap-funk-comedy folk duo”, Flight of the Conchords. The poster came with their CD, and the only problem I have with it is trying to decide which side I’ll have to turn to the wall! Originally I thought I liked the picture on the left, but the more I look at the trippy one with the frog, the more I like it. It’s a little bit like an I-Spy book on acid. This is an important decision, y’all! I need help! So let me know what you think in the comments section.

    Well, I’m off. Writing about my new style-less style has gotten me excited about all things tasteless. I hear the store down the street is having a sale on beanbags and fake plants and I’ve just got to get over there! (just kidding….I don’t think I’ll ever get to that point. ;))