Why Can’t Animal Kingdom Have a Halloween Party? :(

September 2, 2009

So it’s almost midnight, and, unfortunately, I’m sitting at my apartment rather than at the Cast Preview of Mickey’s Not-So-Scary-Halloween Parade.  “Why?” you may ask.  Well, it all started when I got up this morning.  Brit asked if I was planning on going to the Cast Preview.  I hadn’t heard anything about it, but said that it sounded like tons of fun.   So Brit, Melissa, and I made plans to meet up and go.  When I got to work, though, Tori said that she’d been planning to go, too, but it was only for Magic Kingdom Cast Members.  Well, of course, I was very sad.  So I went about my day, working floorstock at Creature Comforts, and then after work I started heading home.  Almost as soon as I get to my car, I get a text from Tori saying that she’s heard they’re letting people in.  So I turned around and headed over to MK.  I wasn’t sure where to go, so I just parked in the main parking lot and asked some other CMs.  They said that, no, they weren’t letting CMs from other parks in, but that they were just asking people at the gate whether or not they worked in Magic Kingdom.  They had no way to check, so of course, people were just saying yes.  But my stinkin’ conscience got in the way, and I knew I couldn’t lie.  Plus, it wasn’t worth getting into huge trouble if I got caught!  So now I’m at home, sad because I’m missing the parade.  Oh, well.  It’s raining outside, and if I was at the parade, I would be out in it instead of sitting comfortable, warm, and dry on the couch.

As I said, I worked floorstock at Creature Comforts today.  I’m still not crazy about floorstock, but I really did like working at Creature Comforts.  It’s a really small store, so instead of having 10 different stockers like they do at Outfitters and Mercantile, I was the only stocker for the day for the store.  It wasn’t super busy, so I had plenty of time to interact with the guests and just chat with the other CMs.  I think Creature Comforts might be my favorite store to stock in.

Tiffany called this afternoon; she and her boyfriend have found plane tickets to come down to visit me, and she’s buying them tomorrow!  Yay!  They’ll be here the first week in November, and my family will be here the second week.  My only concern is getting enough time off to spend with everybody, but I guess we’ll cross that bridge when we come to it. I’m just glad they all get to come.



  1. Awww, I definitely went to the preview and didn’t work at MK, but I remember being terrified the whole time that I’d get caught! It wasn’t THAT big of a deal, though – so just make sure to get tickets to MNSSHP and go with your friends – that way you can catch the parade AND all the other amazing things, like Hallowishes. 🙂

  2. Yeah, that’s been my consolation…this way, when I have to pay the $40 to go to the party, the parade will still be new. I’m definitely planning to go!

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