Too Tired to Write…Must…Post…Blog!

August 30, 2009

It’s late, but I’ve got way too many things going on right now to not be posting about them.  So this entry may not be the most polished, but, for posterity’s sake, here’s a quick update:

One of the biggest worries I had about moving was church.  I’ve attended the same church at home since I was three years old, so I was really worried about trying to find and get plugged in to a new church in 5 months.  When I arrived in Orlando, I did a little online research, downloaded some podcasts, and today I finally attended one of the churches in person.  I went to Celebrate Church, and I really liked it.  The atmosphere was laid back and the preaching and worship were very good.  Overall, I definitely liked it.  My only concern is that it may be a little too big to really get plugged into in 5 months, but I’m sure I’ll get some great teaching there.  Plus, they have several a group that meets on Saturday nights, so that gives me four chances each week to get to church.  Hopefully at least one of those times will work for me each week.  I may continue to look around, but I think Celebrate is going to be my home while I’m here.  I  really, really liked it.

The news at work is less positive: I’m only scheduled to work 32 hours this week, almost the minimum.  Even worse, we got our schedules for the week of September 6th, and I’ve only got 24 hours that week.  I talked to one of the people in charge of the schedule though, and she said she would get me signed up for the other required 6 hours.  *sigh*.  I’m definitely going to try to pick up some shifts off the Hub over the next couple of weeks.

After a straight seven days of work, I finally have two days off!  Woohoo!  Tomorrow, I have to take my iPod into the Apple store because the stupid thing won’t charge. I’m sure they’ll tell me the battery needs to be replaced, which is going to cost $70.  It’s cheaper than a new iPod, but still very frustrating.  I’ll pay it, though–I need my technology! After I’m done there, I have a couple more errands to run, and then Emily and I are hanging out either tomorrow evening or Tuesday.  Other than that, I have no plans.  A free weekend: Oh, the possibilities!



  1. Pantyhose – I thought I would never ever hear you say that word – much less wear them! HA! By the way, I love your watch. It is so adorable! Your dress is cute too!

    • Yeah. It’s definitely a new experience for me! But honestly, I just thought to myself, “If Marilyn can get through the day wearing these instruments of torture, then so can I!” 🙂

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