Costumes and Laundry

August 29, 2009

Every Paycheck Comes on Thursday.  Every Person Comes Out Tired.  These are both things that Cast Members like to say EPCOT stands for.  But there’s one more that, unfortunately, is also true for all Cast Members at all four parks: Evil Polyester Costumes of Torture.  My two costumes are no exception. 

My costume for registers.  We've named the animals on the pockets: on the left is Hippo Dan and on the right is Ernie the Elephant.

My costume for registers. We've named the animals on the pockets: on the right is Hippo Dan and on the left is Ernie the Elephant.

My costume for floorstock.  We call this the Mud costume.

My costume for floorstock. We call this the Mud costume. Also, I have no idea why my one leg looks so HUGE in this picture! It's a trick of perspective, I swear!

Actually, out of the two costumes, I have to admit that the rainbow circus tent is actually the one I prefer.  It looks a little feminine, and it’s way more comfortable.  Even though I have to wear panty hose with it, I can get by with knee-highs and they’re actually not too bad.  The shorts on the Mud costume have really uncomfortable elastic in the waistband.  And as much as I complain, there are lots of people whose costumes are way worse than mine both comfort-wise and look-wise, so I guess I got off pretty easy.

To get our costumes, we have to go all the way over to the costuming department.  Unfortunately, Animal Kingdom is the only park where the costume building is way far away from all the other cast areas.  We’re allowed to have five costumes at a time, and we can either drop them off and pick up new ones and let costuming wash them, or we can wash them ourselves and keep the same five costumes.  Since my schedule’s been crazy between Floorstock and Register, I’ve been having to go each week to get different costumes, anyway.  So I just dropped mine off to be washed.  I may just continue doing that, because the laundry facility at the apartment is definitely not a place I want to spend more time than necessary.

They do make it convenient for us, at least.  Especially for our apartment, since the laundry facility is just the next building over from ours.  And its quick and easy to get laundry cards out of the machine in the laundry room, provided you have a $5 bill handy.  You pay $5 for the card, it has $3 on it when you get it back, and then you can add money onto the same card until your program is over.  When your program is over, you can even return your card and get your $2 back.  The only real downside is that each was is $1 and each dry is $1.  And if you do it the way I do it costs even more.  Because I like to add time to complete strangers’ laundry loads. 

What happened is this:  I had put in three loads to wash, and then moved those three loads over to dry.  I’m going through, quickly inserting my card and adding time to each of my drying loads.  Then I realize that, rather than starting one of my loads, I’ve accidentally stuck my card in the wrong machine, and I’ve paid to put an extra hour on someone else’s laundry.  I never did find out whose laundry it was…hope I didn’t shrink anything!

I finlly shelled out the money for another important component of my costume yesterday.  I have some black ballet flats that were okay with both of my costumes, but they have no support, and by the second day my feet were really beginning to hurt.  So I finally got around to buying some new shoes.  It’s hard to buy shoes for my role, because I really need solid black tennis shoes for Stock and solid black dress shoes for Register.  I, however, am a poor college student, so I was really hoping to find another pair of shoes that could go with both costumes.  I finally settled on a pair of Croc ballet flats.  I’ve had a pair before, and I loved them: all the comfort of regular Crocs without the marshmallow feet syndrome.  And plus, I bought them at the Croc outlet and got to use my Disney Discount, so they only ended up being $14!  Great deal, right?  Wrong!  These shoes absolutely killed my feet.  It was a good thing that I brought my old shoes, because I ended up taking my 15 minute break just so I could go back and change my shoes.  I think I’ll keep wearing my Crocs a little bit every day, and try to break them in.  I’m sure they would be great shoes if only they weren’t rubbing all the skin off my feet!

I also bought the topper to my entire costume today:  a Disney watch.  I’ve been wanting to get a watch, because, of course, we’re not allowed to have our phones onstage, and when you’re not behind a register it’s hard to keep track of the time.  So I bought this watch that I’ve been eyeing since I first arrived:


Everybody say, “Ooh!”.  Now everybody say, “Aah!”  At least one part of my costume is adorable.  🙂


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