Another Post About Packing

August 6, 2009

Are you a little tired yet of reading about packing?  Well, then, you know how I feel.  I’m sick of doing it!

I finally, FINALLY got my car back, 100% fixed, yesterday.  So I was finally able to migrate the mountain of boxes from my bedroom floor to my car trunk.  And I am a much, much happier person for it. 

Mary Poppins had a carpet bag that could hold a lamp. I have a car that, like that famous bag, seems to stretch to hold almost anything I could hope to fit in.  So although I’ve had my doubts over the last few days, I’ve already managed to get almost everything in my folded-down backseat and trunk, with plenty of room to spare. 

The most ridiculous thing I’ve packed so far is a bookcase.  It may not be the most ridiculous thing in the world, but, when you consider how small my car is, it’s mildly funny at least.  But it will be a great to have some additional shelf space, and it’s actually working pretty well to pack shoes and other small items in.  Some other highlights include a toaster oven (one of the few appliances not included in the furnished apartment), my new printer, bedding, a few books, a small TV, and my Wii. 

I haven’t put any clothes in yet, but I’m just planning to leave these on the hangers, rubber band the hangers into groups of 10 or so, and stack them on the top of the pile in my backseat.  I really hope I’ve packed the right clothes.  I normally have to dress up for work, so the “professional” clothes have slowly edged out the casual tees and shorts in the last couple of years.  Now my wardrobe is looking a little sparse since I’m leaving most of the dress clothes at home.  It’s also difficult trying to force myself not to pack winter clothes.  “But I’ll be down there in December!” my gut tells me. But my brain reassures my gut that Florida December is not the same as Missouri December.  My brain did cave a bit, and allowed my gut to take two thin-ish coats, and a few sweaters.  But I still feel like I’m not packing enough cool-weather clothes.

I have very kindly allowed my mom a tiny 2′ x 2′ square to sit in and store her bag.  Nah, I’m just kidding.  There’s actually plenty of space in the car for her to sit comfortably, and for her bag to be packed uncomfortably.  So I’m just really, really proud of myself right now.  I’ve still got two days before I leave, and I’m mostly done packing.  Which means I can relax and spend that time with friends and family, saying goodbye and preparing to miss them.


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