21: Old Enough to Start Sentences with “Back In My Day…”?

August 3, 2009
Saturday was my 21st birthday, so I’ve had a busy fun-filled weekend.  On Friday, my friends threw me an awesome dinner party, filled with great food, hilarious conversation, and terrible singing, courtesy of SingStar (sorry, guys !:))  We had an absolute blast, and it’s just further proof that I have the greatest friends ever.
How gorgeous is this table?!  See what I mean?  My friends are great.

How gorgeous is this table?! See what I mean? My friends are great.

Then on Saturday, my actual birthday, I had a nice relaxing day of shopping with my mom, constant “Happy Birthday!” texts, and dinner with the whole family.  It was a nice opportunity to get everyone together one more time before I leave.  Just an all-around great way to celebrate. 

Now that I’m old (just kidding!)  I must not be in the best shape anymore, because i pulled a muscle playing Wii Sports this weekend.  You read that right…I pulled a muscle…playing a video game.  Sad, huh?  But I get way into it!  I’m not one of these pansies who just flicks their wrist.  No, I actually take a few steps forward and get my whole body into flinging that virtual bowling ball down the lane.  Still really no excuse, but at least it makes me feel better!  I know I’m not the only one out there who’s done this! 

I’m supposed to be getting my car back today from the body shop (glory, hallelujah!) so packing for Florida can begin in earnest.  Unfortunately, I have to spend tonight helping my mom pack stuff up at the old house so that we can close on Friday.  With so much to do, I’m hoping this week will fly by.


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