Less Chef Boyardee, More Julia Child

July 29, 2009

Among my many anxieties about living on my own for the first time, food is a major one.  I don’t cook, so the possibilities of me either starving to death or gaining 50 pounds from living off of Ramen Noodles are both very real scenarios.  I’m also very spoiled because I still live at home, and so I get home cooked meals all the time.  So when forced to choose between continuing in my no-cook, anti-Betty Crocker ways and giving up those home cooked meals…well, let’s just say I have a feeling I’ll be learning my way around the kitchen this semester.

In fact, I’ve already been gathering recipes from online, flipping through cookbooks, and even practicing some at home.  My boyfriend gives me a hard time, because, compared to me, he’s practically a chef.  So when I tell him, with a ring of pride and self-satisfaction in my voice, that I made Pizza Pasta casserole, I know how much effort it takes for him to say, “Wow, that sounds great!  Good for you!”  I know he’s choking back the laughs, and maybe even a gag (he’s such a food snob!), but the important part is that, as always, he’s been very encouraging.

I haven’t practiced much yet this summer, and  I don’t really think that I’ll cook all that often when I’m in Florida.  I’ll probably be too busy!  But at least it’s something that I’m going to try to do more often.  As scary as the stove can be, I hope that we can become friends.  And maybe by next January, I’ll have learned to make dishes a little more complicated than Pizza Pasta casserole.


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