Problem Found, Problem Solved

July 16, 2009

I went to the school library a couple of nights ago to get some books. I spent half an hour finding what I wanted in our huge collection, only to get to the checkout desk and hear that my library account was inactive, because I was not yet registered for the fall. Sigh.

At least they didn't sic the library cop on me.

 I was supposed to be enrolled by the Career Center in a GEN 099 class, a class that signifies that I have full time status, even though I’m not earning any credits. They told me at the end of the Spring semester that they would get a list from Disney of the participating students, and then sign them up for the class. I just assumed that this had been done by now, because registration was back in May. So I went to their office yesterday to see what the hold up was. She said that they usually don’t get the final list until the beginning of August, which, to me, seems like that’s cutting it a bit fine.

So, because of the library thing, I asked if they could go ahead and sign me up. It took a little work–the school’s switched over to a new record-keeping system, and the GEN 099 class hadn’t even been created yet–but they got it done for me. Thanks, MSU!

I now have the paperwork in hand, saying that I’m a full-time, off-campus student. Yay! One less thing to worry about. I’m going to go back to the library tonight, and hopefully this time I’ll leave with books!


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