New Bedding for Florida!

June 22, 2009

I went on a little pre-CP shopping spree this past weekend. Target had put out all of their dorm furnishings and I was inspired to go ahead and buy some of the stuff I will need for the apartment. I bought a couple of packs of hangers and almost all of my bedding. The bedding ended up being a great deal–$25 bucks for the throw pillow (I know this isn’t that cheap, but I really loved it), $20 for the sheets, and only $15 for the comforter at Wal-Mart. I love the look I ended up with, but, boy, the sheets and comforter sure feel as cheap as they were! The sheets are supposed to be cotton jersey, but they definitely don’t feel “t-shirt soft!”

I plan to keep looking for a comforter because I like the look, but I’m sure I can find another plain black bedspread that doesn’t cost much more and hopefully it will be made of a little bit nicer fabric. I also need to find a matching pillow sham. I’m hoping they sell them on WalMart.com, because they didn’t carry them in the stores. The comforter, the sheets, the bedskirt, everything…except the shams. And they weren’t just out: they never carried them! I don’t know what’s up with that. So the lovely yellow and white sham featured in the above picture is from the bedding that I usually use. It doesn’t look bad with the new stuff (the yellow shades look closer in real life than they do in the picture), but I hate to take the sham from my nice bed set down there. That was kind of the point of buying cheap-o bedding this time around.

The sheets also feel a little scratchy, but I love the pattern (the subtle pinstripe doesn’t show up very well in the pics) and I’m hoping they’ll soften up when I wash them. The yellow and grey pillow is definitely a winner and really the whole reason I decided to go with this color scheme. Plus–bonus alert!–it matches the things that are in my bedroom at home right now. So unlike the rest of the things I bought, it won’t have to sit in the closet until August.


One comment

  1. Your bedding set and decorative pillows both are looking nice!! Lovely pictures…

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