Some Less-Than-Two-Months-To-Go Musings

June 15, 2009

This past Wednesday marked the beginning of the two month countdown before I leave for Florida. Crazy. So I now have less than two months before I’m going to be living on my own, in a new city, working a new job, hanging out with new friends, living under a new, made-up name, going around with a new post-plastic surgery face…wait a minute. Those last two aren’t going to happen. But the first few are! And not only that, but I will also be going to Disney World basically every day! For free! Amazing.

I’ve begun to sever ties with Missouri. Last week, I notified the nursery coordinator at church that I would need to be off the schedule starting in August, and my boss is beginning to look for temporary help for the office while I’m gone. Today, I even kept the cardboard boxes when we got in supplies at work. I’ll need them to pack in!

I feel like I keep saying this here, but I just can’t believe that this is really real. Every day I get a little more excited, apprehensive, reflective, and prepared for the whole experience. A while ago I caught a special on the Travel Channel about Disney World. And I watched it, thinking how crazy it was going to be to pass Graumann’s Chinese Theatre every day on my way to work. Or to walk through Cinderella Castle on my lunch break. Unbelievable. In 58 days, I will be somewhere completey different, living an almost completely different life. And as scary as that thought is, I really, really just can’t wait. 🙂


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