Disney Survey

May 29, 2009

It’s been a sloooow week. All of my friends are either out of town for the summer or working too much to hang out, and there’s not much going on at work, either. And you may wonder why I haven’t been writing more if I’ve got all of this free time. Well, the answer is that there’s not much going on with the CP, either. So I just haven’t had anything to write about.

But rather than go yet another weekend without posting anything, I decided that I would post my answers to a little Disney survey. I wanted to do one of these surveys before I left, because I have a sneaking suspicion that my experience at Disney World will shift my opinions on a lot of this. For example, I may love the Wishes Fireworks show now, but if I end up working on Main Street in the Magic Kingdom and have to hear the song a million times before the end of my program…well, I may not be loving that particular show so much anymore. So I wanted a record of just how much I loved “When You Wish Upon a Star” before it was ruined for me. 🙂

I plan to do this survey again towards the end of my program, to see how much things have changed. So let’s get to it!

I got this survey from SurveyDumpster.com, and took out some of the questions that I thought were boring and/or stupid. Use the comments section to share your answers! (or to let me know how bad my taste is for liking The Emperor’s New Groove. Either way.)

Which movie is your favorite? The Hunchback of Notre Dame
Which movie has the best story? Beauty and the Beast
Which movie did you laugh the most at? The Emperor’s New Groove (I know, I know, but hey! This is my survey, and I can like whatever movies I want 😛 )
Which movie made you cry? The Lion King. And, full disclosure, here, not just the first time I saw it, either.
What is your favorite song from the movies? Tough one! Probably “When You Wish Upon a Star.” It’s such a classic!
If you were sucked into one of the Disney movies, which would you prefer? Sleeping Beauty, I suppose. The landscapes are gorgeous!
Which Disney movie probably shouldn’t have been made? The Black Cauldron. What? You’ve never heard of it? My point exactly.
Are you sick of the sequels? No! I love seeing them pimp out my childhood friends. (kidding!)

The Parks
Have you ever been to Disneyland? Nope.
Have you ever been to Disney World? 4 times.
Have you been to any of the other Disney Parks around the world? Nope.
Which park is the best? Of the parks at WDW, I’d probably say Magic Kingdom. But that’s just today. Tomorrow, who knows?
What’s your favorite ride? Tower of Terror
What’s your least favorite ride? Um…Tomorrowland Speedway? Never ridden it, but it looks pretty lame. Test Track has its moments, but it’s definitely the biggest waste of time in the parks if the line is long.
Who have you been to Disney with? My family.
Would you go back? Maybe. August seems like a good time to go. 😉
Did you get autographs and/or pictures with your favorite characters? Of course!
Which character is your favorite picture with? My favorite character picture out of all our trips isn’t even of me. My favorite picture is the one where my 14 year old brother, who refused to take pictures with any characters, saw Alice from Alice in Wonderland and rushed over to get his picture taken because she was hot. Boys. lol
Would you ever work for Disney? Hey, that’s a great idea! 🙂
Would you remember where they were if you went back? Yeah. It’s not that hard, really.
Which is the best show at Disney? It’s sort of a tie between Fantasmic and Wishes. But I’ll give the edge to Fantasmic because they provide you with some fairly comfortable seating instead of expecting you to sit on the sidewalk.
Which is the best restaurant? I really like the Garden Grill at Epcot. It’s a small, comparably quiet restaurant, and the food is pretty good for in-park. Plus, it has a cool revolving dining room!
Which is the best hotel on Disney property? I’ve only ever stayed at the Value resort, but the Animal Kingdom Lodge would be my first choice if money was no object. (Savannah view room, of course!)



  1. Hey, I think I will borrow this for a note posting on my Facebook. Except since I have never been to Disney World it will be a little difficult. And I too have cried more than once while watching The Lion King so don’t feel bad.

  2. Go right ahead! And I’m glad to know I’m not the only one who thinks a crying lion cub is about the saddest thing ever. lol

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