Online Shopping: All The Cool Kids Are Doing It!

May 20, 2009

Disney announced yesterday that they would begin to sell some of their park merchandise online at DisneyStore.com. The selection is small: only one t-shirt style, Mickey ear hats, and a few other categories. But I’m sure this is just the beginning.

I think this is a pretty neat idea. The last time we went to WDW, I really wanted to buy the park soundtrack. But by the time our last day rolled around, I still hadn’t picked it up, and no one wanted to spend our last few hours in a shop while we could be getting in one last ride. I toyed with buying it off Ebay, but there was a very small selection, and even used copies were almost full park price. So I never did buy it. If this option had been around back then, I probably would have sprung for the CD and bought it off the website. Now of course, I’m glad that I didn’t, because I can get a 20% off discount when I buy the CD in a few months (woo hoo for cast discounts!) And that will be one of the first things I buy when I go into the park–after my first pair of Mickey Mouse ears. (Can you believe I’ve been to WDW 4 times and never had a pair? I don’t deserve the label “Disney fan”.)

The park CDs aren’t actually offered on the website right now: like I said, it’s a very limited selection. But just give them time…

As a (future) Merchandise CM, I also get to look at it from the perspective of my job…but I have absolutely no idea how it will affect it. I don’t think it’s going to really be that big of a deal. They’ve had a phone line where you could order park merchandise for years, so its not really that different. I just wanted to point out how cool it is that Disney news is now news that indirectly affects me. šŸ™‚


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