Trying To Find My Laughing Place!

May 7, 2009

Well, I’ve run into the first (but I’m sure not the last!) problem with the school regarding my CP. I am a student worker, and to be eligible to work in the summer, we are required to be pre-enrolled for the upcoming fall semester. Even though I’m not going to be getting any credit from Disney, I will still have full-time student status through my school. But that status won’t show up until right before the fall semester. So right now, one week before the semester ends, I am not eligible to work during the summer.

Originally, I talked to someone there who said that all I would need to be eligible to work this summer was documentation from the Career Center that I would have full-time student status this fall. But the Career Center said there’s nothing that they can give me until I actually have the status!

So I called back over to Student Employment, and the new woman I talked to told me about an exception form that I have to fill out. So I have now filled out the form, and am getting ready to take it over to Student Employment. I will let you all know how it goes! *Fingers Crossed!*



  1. disney can write up a letter stating that you will be on the program and all of that. i had to get one for my program. just send an email to wdw.college.recruiting@disney.com and ask for one. didn’t take them long to get back to me.

  2. Really? That’s great to know! The Career Center said that maybe I could get something like that, but I didn’t really know who to contact, and figured it would take them forever to get it to me. I may get one just to hold on to for future reference! Thanks a bunch!

  3. Hi Bethany! Maybe I shouldn’t be reading your Blogs – I found this and wish I would have read it sooner. I would have had you doing all sorts of things-HA! Quoting you. . . “Last summer, working part-time, I felt like things were slow. But they were sort of pleasantly slow. In the “take your time with what little work you have to do and pace yourself so you don’t get too bored” sort of way. But working full-time, there’s just not nearly enough to do here. I’ve gone home early several days the last few weeks. My supervisor encouraged me to stay, because she knew I wanted the hours, but I just feel bad sitting around being paid to do nothing. In the three weeks since school got out, I have dusted every surface of the office, organized my work space, and even ventured into the dreaded “back room” to organize the mess we call our storage space. It’s all stream-lined, cleaned, and de-clutterfied now. Which makes me wonder…what am I going to do for the next 2 months?!”

    I hope you’re having a great time and that you’ll never be bored in Disney World! If I could only say the same thing. Bored is a good word but one that I have not had the pleasure of using in many years. Say “hello” to MICKEY for me! M

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