Embracing the College-Style Aesthetic

May 2, 2009

My mom brought up a good question recently: What am I going to do about bedding while I’m in Florida? Okay, maybe not the most exciting question in the world for most people. But for me, the interior designer, a light bulb came on. I get a whole new apartment to decorate! (Okay, fine. My roommates can have some say…if they feel they must.) I’m generally the type of person who goes for the clean, sophisticated, put-together look, with a minimum of clutter. Like this:Pretty, huh? But I am actually looking forward to decorating my room with whatever momentos, pictures of my friends, raggedy quilts, etc. float my boat. It will be fun! It’s only for 4 months, and I don’t want to spend my time and efforts trying to make my room look pulled together when my roommate will probably be decorating her half with magazine cut-outs of Robert Pattinson. So, as the old adage goes, if you can’t beat ’em, why not join ’em?

Maybe it’s sad that this gets me so excited. Am I that uptight; that the thought of letting loose is such an event? I say no. I say that I’m just a girl who knows the importance of good taste…and the importance of choosing the right time to ignore said taste.
So in the spirit of my new vision, here is the first item that has been chosen to grace the walls of my room while at Disney:

This double sided poster from “New Zealand’s fourth most popular guitar-based digi-bongo acapella-rap-funk-comedy folk duo”, Flight of the Conchords. The poster came with their CD, and the only problem I have with it is trying to decide which side I’ll have to turn to the wall! Originally I thought I liked the picture on the left, but the more I look at the trippy one with the frog, the more I like it. It’s a little bit like an I-Spy book on acid. This is an important decision, y’all! I need help! So let me know what you think in the comments section.

Well, I’m off. Writing about my new style-less style has gotten me excited about all things tasteless. I hear the store down the street is having a sale on beanbags and fake plants and I’ve just got to get over there! (just kidding….I don’t think I’ll ever get to that point. ;))


  1. I think that you should not put the trippy side up just in case your potentially idiotic roommate asks who Flight of the Conchords is… Then you can show them!

  2. Best posters, ever.

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