Hustle, Bustle, and…Something Else That Rhymes With Bustle

April 17, 2009

It’s been a very busy couple of weeks, and it doesn’t look like it’s going to slow down any time soon. This semester, I took mostly easy classes–a bit of a reward to myself after a crazy semester last Fall. But I am taking one truly challenging class: AutoCAD for Interior Design. Yuck! The program has a lot of really neat features, but also a lot of bugs which make for a really frustrating experience at times. Plus, it’s a night class, which is never a good thing.

In all, I have four exams, two sculpture projects, and two final projects due in my classes before finals can start. I also need to apply to my degree program, and register for classes for next semester (just as a backup–you never know). *whew!* I’m definitely getting ready for a break.

But I don’t think I’ll get one in the near future. In the next couple of days, I’m going to begin searching for a part-time summer job. I’m currently a student worker at my school, and we’re limited to 20 hours a week. But I’m going to need some money, and I’m also going to need something to kill the time. Last summer I made the mistake of only working my regular part-time job, and found myself bored more often than not. And, because my boyfriend is going halfway across the country (aka: home) for the summer in only two short weeks *sob*, I’m definitely going to have more time on my hands than I’ve had in a while. Finding another part-time job would basically mean that I would be occupied full-time.

Becuase I’m going to have SO much free time, I’m also going to try to get in some volunteer work this summer. Last week, one of the corkboards at school had a list of volunteer opportunities for the summer, and one of the locations was the Make-A-Wish foundation. We actually have a local chapter, and I think that would be an amazing organization to be a part of. After I get all of my job stuff settled and I know what my schedule is like, I might try to see if I could help out there on weekends or in the evenings.

I’m tired just thinking about all of the changes that are coming my way! I’ve got a lot to do, and here I am, blogging away. I’m not getting anything done! I’ll talk to you guys again after I’ve achieved something (or just the next time I have something interesting/silly/noteworthy on my mind)!

Extra Note: After publishing this post, I noticed that yet another of my post titles is two lines long. I wish one of three things: either that the title font was smaller, that the column was wider, or that I would learn to be more succinct!


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