A Place to Call Home…For a Few Months

April 13, 2009
I will be checking in in just under 4 months. And by check-in day, I have several decisions to make, mostly related to housing. Now, for anyone who doesn’t know, here’s the housing situation: WDWCPs live in apartment complexes located on Disney property. Each complex features 24 hour security, and facilities including a fitness center. Every week, rent is automatically taken out of each CP’s paycheck for the for the fully-furnished apartments.

Above: One of the buildings at Chatham. Pretty!

There are three housing complexes for CPs–Vista Way, Chatham Square, and Patterson Court. Vista Way is the oldest, smallest, and also has a reputation for being a bit crazy at times. This does NOT sound like the place for me. I’m not against fun, but what I am against is stepping out of my door in the morning into a big pile of sick left by one of the revelers from my neighbors’ party.

Chatham and Patterson are both quite a bit newer, with Patterson being occupied for the first time just last year. This means that all of the appliances and furnishings will be newer! So no years-old gunk stuck in the can opener, and minimal stink in the microwave. Chatham’s just a couple of years older, though, and the apartments are larger. Plus, Chatham has a bus stop where CPs can catch a shuttle to the parks, the grocery store, etc. Patterson residents have to walk over to Chatham to catch a bus.

When I check in on August 12th, I’ll be able to state a preference for for which complex I live in. I’m planning to request Chatham. Check-in starts at 9 a.m., so I’m hoping to be there plenty early. That will help my chances for getting my choice. There are no guarantees, but I’ve got my fingers crossed.



  1. The stuff about any complex being more or less of a party place than any other is total bunk. Parties happen everywhere and there are areas in all of the complexes that don’t have parties. If there is a party or not is determined by the residents that switch out every 5-7 months. Because Vista is older, it has more name recognition. That’s it. I’ve done 3 programs. Lived in 3 complexes (I lived briefly in The Commons, it is not always all international). ACtually all of Vista Way has been going through upgrades. So although the walls may be older, just about everything else inside an apartment is relatively new… hard wood floors! Anyway, parties happen everywhere. If you choose to be in that scene or not is up to you. IF anyone thinks that becuase they live in a certain complex that their neighbors are automatically going to be quiet, they are in for a rude awakening. And if they go someplace expecting 24/7 debauchery, they are going to be in for a rude awakening too.

  2. Oh, believe me. I have no illusions that living in Chatham is going to mean it’s always going to be quiet. But I feel like I have a lot better chance of getting some quiet neighbors, because, if nothing else, people who DO like to party might choose Vista, as you said, for its name recognition.

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