“Rat Me Out to the Coppers, And I’ll Do To Youse What I Did To Pluto, See?”

April 9, 2009

*Whew*. The last of my major hurdles has been jumped. I just finished paying my assessment fee, and yesterday I met with my Financial Aid advisor. So I’m all set there. Now the only thing I really need to worry about before Florida is whether or not I’m going to take classes (probably not), whether or not I’ll get credit for those classes if I choose to take them, and how I’m going to fit everything I own into the trunk of my Nissan Sentra. Luckily, it’s a pretty big trunk.

So, now that there’s nothing more for me to write about (for now) how about some Disney fun?
I’m not usually a huge fan of those “Which ________ are you?” quizzes. Usually the answers are stupid, and the questions are easy to predict and manipulate. A great time-waster, sure, but not really all that fun or entertaining. However, I couldn’t resist this quiz: “Which Disney Mobster Are You?” Turns out, I’m Goofy “the Gun”.

My full quiz results:

You are Goofy “The Gun”. No one was really surprised when you went postal following your unsuccessful attempt to rename Epcot Center after yourself. However, it was only after this incident that your ties to the mob were uncovered. Now, the whole world knows that you are the reason why Pluto can not talk. You just couldn’t handle the competition, could you Goofy?

I played around with the answers, trying to get different results. They were all equally funny, and slightly disturbing. After all, who wants to imagine Jiminy Cricket as a high-profile member of the mob family? Oh, wait. That’s right. I DO! 🙂

Take the quiz at http://www.quizyourprofile.com/disneyquiz.php, and put your answers in the comments section. Let’s start our very own Disney mob!


  1. Sadly, blogger won’t let me post the html to the quiz… but, I am Donald “Bad Luck” Duck. 😀

  2. I just copied and pasted the text from the results. Here is the run-down on Donald “Bad Luck” Duck:

    You are Donald “Bad Luck” Duck. Born with an irreversible speech impediment, you became hardened to the world as you faced constant teasing from other animals. The frustration and disappointment that you experienced reared its ugly head later in the form of constant outbursts, though no one can ever really understand what you are yelling about. You are currently serving 20 to life for gross misuse of the phrase “Aw, phooey!”

  3. Hey – I found your blog via the disboards (I’m QueenofPrideRock there) and this quiz was just too fun to resist, especially since I got Simba “The Kingpin” and The Lion King is my favorite movie!

    are Simba, aka “The Kingpin”. Born into the Corleone den, it was
    natural for you to join the mob. With your muscle Pumbaa by your side, you’ve
    been known to send a few new tenants into the elephant graveyard. Your boldest
    move came when you tried to knock off your own dad “The Godfather”
    by staging a stampede. You were quickly figured out though due to your constantly
    raving “I just can’t wait to be king.”

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