To-Do List

March 31, 2009

Anyone who knows me knows that I’m a compulsive list maker. Going on vacation? Make a list of things to pack. Got a stressful weekend playing catch-up on homework? Make a list of what needs to be finished so that you can prioritize. Basically, I just love lists. They make me feel that, by naming what I need to do, I’ve already begun to conquer it. Great feeling.

I’ve got this huge adventure coming up, but I know that with great adventure, comes great stress (Thank you, Spider-Man.) So while the excitement still far outweighs the stress that may come later, I thought I’d start making some lists of everything that needs to be done before I can officially say that I am ready to go.

  • Pay assessment fee
  • Talk to advisor–make sure I’m not shooting myself in the foot by missing a semester
  • Decide whether I’m going to take classes at Disney
  • If I’m going to take classes, talk with Department head about getting credit
  • Meet with Financial Aid advisor–make sure I’ll still get my scholarships when I come back
  • Talk with Career Center/Enrollment–make sure I’ll still be considered a full-time student for insurance

While this may not seem exciting to you all out there in front of your computer monitors, that’s not very much. Some of these things I’ve already begun to address: I’ve already talked with my advisor once, but he’s new and he wasn’t exactly sure what this would do to my schedule. At the time, I still hadn’t even applied but now that it’s an almost done-deal I’m going to press the matter and we’ll look at possible outcomes. I’ve already talked with people in Financial Aid and the Career Center, but, again, we’re no longer talking hypothetically, and I want to make a formal appointment just to cover all my bases.

That’s exciting! I’ve still got months to go, and I’m almost done with all of the non-fun, base-covering technicalities. Soon, I’ll be shopping for my apartment and planning how I’m going to pack everything I own into my little car. *sigh*. I love planning. 🙂



  1. I ❤ planning, too! I'm going on a 2nd trip to WDW in August, so I can come say hi! (I hope that doesn't sound too stalkerish…)

  2. Girl, I just did a bunch of this stuff today! Met with my adviser, talked about credits, tuition, housing, and full-time student status. You would think the hard part is over when you get accepted. NOPE! Best of luck *hugs*

    -Leanne http://disneyleanne.wordpress.com

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