It’s Official…Let the Countdown Begin!

March 29, 2009

I just officially accepted my offer at Disney–I’ll be signing in on Wednesday, August 12, and I’ll come home on January 2. So exciting! Only 136 days to go! 🙂

Emily still hasn’t decided, but she told me to go ahead and sign up. Hopefully, if she decides to go, she’ll still be able to check in on the same day!

The only problem with my check-in day is that that my mom was planning on driving down with me, and that is probably going to end up being the same day that my brothers start school. She’s disappointed that she may miss their first day, but it’ll all be okay. And I’m really going to need her help–I’m already dreading making that Missouri/Florida drive again!

It took me two tries to log in (my home internet is crazy-slow!) but I finally got there. Signing up and accepting my invitation got me access to the CP-exclusive section of the website. There are all kinds of cool resources: everything from packing lists; to Eyes and Ears, the official Cast Member newsletter; to information about CM discounts (don’t worry–these are special enough to get their own post in the future).

I thought getting that my acceptance letter and folder made me feel excited; made it feel like it was all real. But now that I actually know the exact date when I will be arriving…well, I’ll just say that it’s an amazing feeling.


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