Fun in Florida, and Why Purple is My New Favorite Color

March 23, 2009

I’ve got so much to write about! I’ve had trouble with the internet over the last few days, and plus, I’ve just been so busy that it’s been hard to find time to write anything! Emily, Tiffany, and I have been in Florida since Friday. It was a crazy drive, and we’ve been busy almost non-stop since we got in at 1:45 Friday (actually, Saturday morning.) On Saturday we made the hour drive from Lakeland (where the college Emily is visiting is located) to Orlando. We spent several hours in Ikea, and, man does that place have EVERYTHING! And as we pulled into the parking lot we saw that, not only was there an Ikea, but there, in the same shopping area, was a West Elm! Disney World, Ikea, West Elm…It’s official. I must have designed Orlando in a previous life.

After Ikea, we went to Downtown Disney, and then rode the monorail and visited some of the Disney resorts. This whole experience made me want to participate in the CP more than ever.

Yesterday we went to the beach and got plenty of sun. It was a gorgeous beach, and not too crowded considering that it’s Spring Break time. We did have one interesting neighbor, however. A man and his wife came to the beach soon after us. Imagine your stereotypical work-aholic–Neither ever got into the water, or even got out from under the shade of their umbrella. The man just made work calls, in a New York-tinged accent and in rapid Spanish. His wife just lay there in her bikini, patiently eating a bowl of mixed fruit while her husband did his business. Every now and then, she would shove the bowl of fruit under his nose, and hold a piece out to him on a fork. Maybe he took some, but out of all the times I was watching I never saw him acknowledge her.

Of course, we ended our beach day with a great seafood dinner. Crab legs, mmmmmmm!

Today, Emily went on her visit, while Tiffany and I returned to Orlando to go shopping. Today was a little more calm, and a little less exciting (but no less fun) than the last two days. Until, that is, this afternoon when my dad called me.

After a few pleasantries, (“Are you having fun?” “Enjoying the beach”?) my dad said, “Hey, there’s some mail here for you from Disney. I caught my breath–I told my mom about the big letter=good, little letter=bad equation, but did she tell my dad? I asked, with great trepedation, what size the envelope was. And my heart sunk as my dad said, “Oh, it’s just a regular letter. Do you want me to read it?” he asked. “Sure,” I muttered. The damage was done now. I could only get good news if he read it to me; maybe it was only a processing letter.

But the good news was great news, as my dad came clean. “Nah, it’s a big letter!” That’s right–I’ve finally got that beautiful purple folder.

There was just one more hurdle. Did I get QSF&B? My dad read me the letter–the typical pleasantries, “Thank you for applying…we are pleased that you will be joining us…” and then that magical word, “Merchandise!” I’m working Merchandise! I still don’t know where exactly; I won’t find out until August when I get to Orlando. But I’m basically okay with anywhere.

What a perfect time to get this news–I was just talking with Tiffany about how much I’m loving Orlando. It will be really great to live here for a few months, and, guess what…I’ll get to shop at Ikea on a regular basis. 🙂


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