Some Silliness, and "Florida, Here We Come!"

March 16, 2009

Welcome back, readers! And now for the exciting conclusion of “Indecision Sucks!”

When we last left our heroine, she had been trapped by the monstrous QSFB. She was tied to the tracks, struggling to break free when…”Toot, Toot!” She heard the train barreling towards her. Faster and faster it came, as our heroine tried to make her fateful decision: Should she continue to struggle, possibly wasting her strength for nothing and looking quite foolish in the process, or should she simply wait, and hope the train was diverted onto the other track?

“Oh, whatever shall I do?” she wailed.

Finally she made her choice. Our heroine decided…to do absolutely nothing. She would wait, and just hope that the train loaded with burgers, french fries, churros, and popcorn did not hit her.

Tune in next week to find out if our heroine will survive her ordeal!

In case my little Penelope Pitstop-style narrative confused you, dear reader, I have decided that I will not call to try to take QSFB off of my role checklist. I’ve decided to simply trust to God and chance, and, if I do get QSFB, to make the best of it and take what I can away from the experience.

But on to more fun topics. My friends and I will be making a trek this next weekend to the promised land…sun, sand, and Splash Mountain. That’s right: we’re going to Florida! The friend who is applying to the WDWCP with me, Emily, is also looking at schools for next semester. And one of her choices is in Lakeland, Fl. So Tiffany, another good friend, and I will be accompanying her. The three of us have been thick as thieves since High School, and so this will be a fun road trip with two of my best buds.

Although we’re going to Florida, chances are we won’t be going to WDW. We are, after all, poor college students, and, besides, Emily and I are hoping to get in plenty of times for free next semester. (fingers crossed!). We will, however, be going to the beach, Downtown Disney, and…wait for it…IKEA! 😀

That’s right–Ikea is a big deal for us. The closest one to home is 8 hours away, so its understandable why I’ve never been, even though, as an interior design major, I spend hours slobbering over their catalog when I’m supposed to be picking out furniture for projects. But hopefully I’ll be able to remedy this next week. Emily still doesn’t know that Tiffany and I have decided to go, but maybe we’ll just go while Emily is at her college visit if she doesn’t care to join us.

So we’ll be spending three full days in Florida, with a full day on either side for travel. It’s about an 18 hour drive each way, so I’m sure we’ll probably be really sick of each other before the trip is over. (just kidding, girlies! You know I love you!)

The reason I’m blogging about this trip here is, well, first of all it’s my blog, so I can post about whatever the crap I feel like. 🙂 And secondly, I’m wondering what this trip will do to my excitement index. (See the graph in the 3/11 entry, if you don’t know what this “excitement index” silliness is all about). It’s going to be really hard being in Florida, and right outside of WDW, without knowing whether or not I’ve made it into the program. My mother already has strict instructions: If, while I’m gone, a BIG envelope comes, she should call me–that will be an acceptance letter. If a small envelope calls, she should definitely NOT tell me about it, because it’s either a processing letter (“We’re still trying to decide, and we’ll let you know soon”) or a rejection letter, and while the first option would only be frustrating, the second option just might ruin my vacation. I’m not going to REALLY start looking for an acceptance/rejection letter until two weeks after my interview, so I’ll be back before then, but you never know. And, thirdly, I’m really excited because the fact that there’s an Ikea in Orlando means I’ll be shopping there a lot next fall if I get into the WDWCP. Orlando really is a magical town–Disney and cheap furniture, my two greatest loves, all in one place!

So, dear reader, keep checking back for more updates. I will be posting lots of pictures and stories of silly hijinks during our trip. And please just pray that that train doesn’t squish out heroine flat before her adventure even has a chance to begin!


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