My Interview, and the Art of Indecision

March 14, 2009

Whew! So, my interview is over. It was actually over last night, but I guess I’m just not a true blogger because I decided to wait until this morning to write about it.

I was super nervous all day yesterday, but, after a call from my friend who went with the presentation with me, and a little time spent with my wonderful, reassuring boyfriend, I was feeling somewhat more relaxed. My friend’s interview was at 3:00, just a couple of hours before mine. It sounded like hers went pretty well, so it made me feel more confident knowing that she had successfully been there, done that.

So at 5:21 (Running late? Shame on you Disney. That’s one point on your record.) my phone rang. The interview started out with some yes or no questions (“Have you ever been arrested?” “Can you prove that you can legally work in the U.S.?”) and that part went pretty well. Actually, there was one small exception, but I’ll get to that in a minute.

Next, we moved on to the part where I really got to talk. She asked me why I wanted to do the Disney College Program, which I was totally prepared for. She then asked me questions about which roles I would like to do, and I gave PhotoPass Photographer, Attractions, and Merchandise as my first three choices. She asked me a specific question about each role. For PhotoPass, she asked how I would sell more pictures and packages to guests, and if I would be okay with carrying around 10 pounds of camera equipment outside all day. For Attractions, she asked me what I would do if a child wanted to ride Space Mountain but was too short. And for Merchandise, she asked how I would handle it if a guest wanted a product that we didn’t carry. All of these were fairly easy to answer, as I was already sort of expecting these kinds of questions.

Then she asked me about my best work experience and my worst. That was a little more difficult. My best work experience is my current job–it’s challenging, fun, and the sort of work that not many college students get to do. My worst work experience…well, it was kind of hard to talk about my worst work experience without sounding like I was bashing on my past employers, or was a hopelessly negative person. But I managed an answer and put a positive spin on it at the end, saying that my experience at the earlier job allowed me to work at the great place I’m at now.

All in all, I felt like the interview went pretty well…except for one part. She asked me if I would be willing to do Quick Service Food and Beverage. Now, on my role checklist, I didn’t check this box. I didn’t feel like I wanted to spend my time in Florida flipping burgers. But last night (before my interview, I must admit) I decided that, if asked, I would say that working QSFB wouldn’t be my first choice, but that I would do it if that was the only way I could get in the program. Well, now I’m regretting that choice. I’m worried that my “maybe” answer was recorded as “yes”, and that now I’ve cheated myself out of a job that I might have loved in exchange for a job in QSFB.

I’m trying to decide now if I should call my recruiter, talk to her about it, and maybe change my answer. But I’m a little afraid that this would make me look wishy-washy and might reflect poorly on me when they’re making their decision (probably not a real concern–just me being overly anxious). I’m also worried that if I give QSFB a definite “no”, then I might not get in. Agreeing to do QSFB is basically a guaranteed spot in the program, because they’re so desperate for people for that position. But if I do get this role, I’ll always wonder if I could have gotten a role I would have really loved.

Gah! I hate indecision!

Another part of me is saying just to leave it alone, and see what comes. I believe that God has his hand in everything, knows the desires of my heart, and that, if I get QSFB, something great could still come of it. But I just don’t know what to do!

Whatever I do, I’ve got the weekend to think and pray about it, as they’re only open Monday-Friday. So, readers! What do you think I should do? Any comments or suggestions would be greatly appreciated…anyone?…anybody got any thoughts?…helloooo?

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